WILDLIFE is a contrarian indie comedy attacking unoriginality in movies: predictable Hollywood story lines, templated characters, and directorial clichés.

At first glance, “Wildlife” seems to be about a dad going through a divorce who brings his friends and his sons to his family’s lake house to burn it down before he loses it to his ex-wife. OH BUT WAIT, THERE’S ALSO A MASSIVE DOSE OF MINDBLOWING, STUPENDOUSLY FRESH ORIGINALITY! All those well-worn tropes of modern cinematic storytelling above? We’ve subverted them by crafting a small micro budget movie about big studio storytelling. Indie actors, indie production values, and constant reminders of audience expectations around big budgets and big actors.

Gary is a recently divorced copyright lawyer who has trouble telling his twin sons Drew and Stu apart, and is whisked away to his picturesque lake house at the outset of a long weekend after a late night of drunken chaos with his friends…

Pelham, a successful YA novelist who might as well be writing about wizards or kids who kill each other so they won’t go hungry.

Eve, a former model who’s now the world’s greatest bomb disposal expert/horticultural botanist/software engineer/entomologist/wildlife specialist.

Edgar, a surly public intellectual and talk-show pundit who channels his inner Hitchens every time he takes a swig from his flask.

At the lake house, they meet Tanzy, a flirty French nanny who ought to wear a tank top that says “I Hate Manic Pixie Dream Girls, Too”.

Oh, and bombs. Animal attacks. Terror. Romance. Passion. Self-awareness. Hooks.

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