So you want to learn more about the background and people behind WILDLIFE … a movie that’s funnier than WEDDING CRASHERS and sweeter than THE NOTEBOOK and raunchier than THE HANGOVER and flashier than THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and scarier than FRIDAY THE 13TH and cheaper than AVATAR and smarter than SCHIZOPOLIS and sexier than E.T.


Meet The Far-Too-Arrogant Crew and the Matter-of-Fact Cast:


Jean-Paul Tremblay

Director, Writer, Co-Producer

WILDLIFE is Jean-Paul’s debut feature film, though he also once sold a comedy pilot to MTV (IDOLESCENCE) and directed and co-wrote a web series for AOL. Oh, and some well-received music video stuff, too. A Type-1 diabetic, Jean-Paul’s renunciation of sweetness defines his entire body of work.

Danielle Bufalini


Danielle is a writer and editor living in New York City. She is the Style Director at NBCUniversal’s DailyCandy, covering fashion, beauty, and technology. WILDLIFE is her first feature production, though it’s really lacking in 19th-century ballgowns and the sort of style that normally draws Oscar votes. Or, legally, The Oscars®.

Jeremy Kotin

Associate Producer

Jeremy co-produced and co-edited Academy Award nominee Dana Adam Shapiro’s MONOGAMY. Most recently he edited 8 short films for Baz Luhrmann’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s exhibition Impossible Conversations: Prada & Schiaparelli. Oh, maybe you’ve heard of Baz Luhrmann, huh? OR THE MET???

Eric Soloff

Executive Producer

Eric is a tremendously gullible guy who’s proven, time and again, to be easily bullied into making all sorts of insane investments. Prior to WILDLIFE, he has held financial stakes in AIG, Fannie Mae, Blackberry, and Western Union. No, no, no. Not really.


Elliot Butler

Writer, Associate Producer

WILDLIFE is Elliot’s first produced feature film. Seeing as he originally hails from Australia, Elliot insisted that all toilet scenes show the water flushing counter clockwise.

Christopher Vernale

Director of Photography

Chris has been a Brooklyn-based cinematographer and artist for nearly 10 years.  After working in web-based and broadcast commercial and narrative works, this is his first feature film. Unless he lied to us. WILDLIFE, sadly, was a polygraph-free production.

Brad Waskewich

Editor, Associate Producer

Brad is an Emmy-nominated (and lesser award-winning) editor who has dozens of music videos and hundreds of commercials to his credit, including work with directors like Peter Berg and Samuel Bayer. Your DVR is Brad’s greatest nemesis.

Alessio Natalizia


One half of Walls on Kompakt Records, Alessio also releases top-notch electronic and indie records as Not Waving and Banjo or Freakout. He lives in London, so please forgive him for having such an Italian name. It’s really confusing, unlike his original score for WILDLIFE, which is straightforwardly amazing.


Damian Lanigan


Damian appears in BREAKUP AT A WEDDING, and in 2012 he wrote and played the lead in HAMSTERS, which won in competition at the New York Television Festival in November 2012. His show WASPS has just been announced on IFC’s 2013 development slate, and his first TV series, MASSIVE, aired on BBCThree in Autumn 2008.

Josh Carpenter


Josh is a company member of Quintessence Theatre Group in Philly, and has also acted with The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, The Studio at Cherry Lane Theatre (NYC), and American Shakespeare Center (VA), among many others. But enough with the well-regarded classics. “Oh, I’m so fancy!” WILDLIFE is his first feature film.

Heather Boaz


Heather is an opera singer who trained six years in Manhattan and has performed in Europe, though WILDLIFE is her very first cinematic acting performance. Hmm. It’s a shame we didn’t make the film into some sort of classical European musical tragedy about a mother murdering her sons. Or did we? (No, we did not.)

Dan Dobransky


With one additional feature under his belt, 2012’s THE CLASS REUNION, Dan is a Brooklyn-based actor who also does improv around New York and plays with folks at Magnet Theater.


Evan Johnson


Based in New York City, Evan most notably appeared Off-Broadway in Thomas Bradshaw’s Burning, and can be seen monthly in Incubator Arts Program’s Short Form 2013 as a performer-in-residence, as well as prior roles in Choking the Butterfly, Girl Gone, and Something Wicked.

Brian Fiddyment


Brian is an actor, comedian and writer who lives in Brooklyn. In addition to performing improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade theater, he works with the sketch comedy group Business Computer.

Kat Lee


In addition to starring in Mates of State’s “Sway” music video, Kat has also appeared onstage in How the Salts Got Down, Eurydice, A Wrinkle in Time, Much Ado About Nothing, and Love’s Labour’s Lost. Though, given how much music is in WILDLIFE, you could argue it’s closer to her second music video than it is her first feature film.

Elizabeth Lee


In addition to working as an actress on stage and screen, Elizabeth has written and co-produced two feature films. This is her first, and hopefully not last, experience playing Ralph Fiennes’ girlfriend. Also, legally, that random name is pronounced “Ralph” like the LA supermarket chain and not in any way reminiscent of any existing actor.


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